this method works with MMI 3G Plus without Bose & Band Olufsen system.

For bose / bang you will need to find the pinouts to connect RCA converter.

first of all, we have to take out the entire module. which is located in boot under left hand side cover

MMI 3G Module location

then you have to unscrew 3 screws

Dismount MMI 3G stock amplifier
Dismount MMI 3G stock amplifier
Dismount MMI 3G stock amplifier

Now you can easily pull this whole unit off.

We need now access to the main connector

MMI 3G stock amplifier

it’s best to pull it out because the pins are described in the back

there is a lever under the plug that must be pulled to remove the plug.

MMI 3G stock amplifier

Now we need pinout schemes

MMI 3G Plus pinouts for loudspeakers
MMI 3G Plus pinouts for subwoofer

So, how it looks on connector?

MMI 3G Plus pinouts

So we need to connect our RCA converter on to pins 9 (+) and 13 (-)

RCA converter

I have made crimp connectors at my own to make it easier to later disconnect from the system.

RCA converter

and just need to connect all together.

RCA converter in stock MMI amplifier.

I do not show how to properly connect amplifier in this car because it’s really easy job. the battery is in the boot, so you do not have to drag the cables through the car, to get a REMOTE signal i just used lighter port on the right side.

I hope it will help you 🙂

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