Table of content.

  1. What MMI do I have?
  2. What’s my current map version?
  3. How to get latest maps for my MMI?
  4. How to enable hidden green menu?
  5. How to remove old nav database?
  6. How to unpack files & prepare SD CARDs?
  7. Map installation.
  8. How to enable User Defined mode?
  9. How to activate my maps?
  10. Audi RSE – Rear Seat Entertainment – how to update?

What’s my MMI?

If you already own the maps update files and you are ready to install, you can jump straight to the installation manual by clicking here.

We also have a video tutorial

First of all, you have to recognise which MMI your car have.

The best way it’s just to go to the Engineering menu and check the current firmware version.

You can enter there by pressing the CAR and SETUP (or sometimes MENU or BACK) buttons in your MMI console.

This video might be also useful

Engineering Menu Audi A8. Credits: Thomas S.
MMI 3G Engineering menu
MMI 3G Engineering menu

When you are in the engineering menu, you will see screen like above.

Most Trans it’s your current MMI version.

There’s few different MMI versions.

types of mmi
Types of MMI

When you are in Engineering Menu you can now recognise your MMI, so:

  • MMI 3G Low/Basic: BNav_XX_XXXXX
  • MMI 3G High: HNav_XX_XXXXX
  • MMI 3G+: HN+_XX_XXXXX or HN+R

When you know what mmi you have, you can now buy firmware from our website:

What’s my current map version?

To check your current map version please go to the main MMI menu

MMI 3G m
MMI 3G main menu

Go to: Setup MMI

MMI 3G: Setup MMI
MMI 3G: Setup MMI

Scroll down and go to Version information

MMI 3G: Setup MMI
MMI 3G: Setup MMI
MMI 3G: Version information
MMI 3G: Version information

And here you have your current map version under the Nav. Database version.

This is photo from my Audi and current version at 18/11/2020 is 6.33.1 (Europe!).

How to get latest maps for my MMI?

If you now know what’s your current maps version and type of MMI, you can download maps from here!

But please be careful, because different MMI systems has a different map updates.

If you have MMI 3G PLUS you have to looking for MMI 3G Plus maps, similar for MMI 3G High and Basic. All maps are selling separately on our website.


Bricked MMI
Bricked MMI

How to prepare SD CARD with maps update?

When you receive download links from to download maps, you will see something like this:

Map files

Download one by one!

when you get all files, please unpack only first one 7z.001 with 7zip!

Unpack only first file!

Other files will join automatically!

Extract downloaded files – how to do? Click here – there’s a complete guide how to deal with downloaded files.

Format your SD CARD as FAT32.
Copy the root of your maps on the SD card (like picture below).

Please do not use macOS to copy the files. MacOS creating lots of hidden files which can corrupt update process.

When you have unpacked files with maps go inside created folder and you might see something like on the screenshot bellow.

Keep in mind the file list might be different for EU and USA / Canada so do not count the files etc.

and copy all those files directly on to SDCARD, without parent folder like 6.30.1 or 6.19.1 or other name..

File structure on SDC ARD
File structure on SD CARD

Recommended SDCARDs for Map updates we described in F.A.Q here. When you prepared your SD CARD you can jump to the car and follow rest of this manual.

How to remove old nav database?

Optional: Removing the old map is optional. However, is highly recommendable.

Benefits are:

  • Possibly avoid the Fault Code 03175 – Invalid Data Set error
  • Avoid errors while copying the map (out of size, slow write speed)
  • There are no files of the old map into the new map

Open Green Menu (Press CAR and MENU and hold it) 

How to enable hidden green menu – tutorial you can find here!

Go to nav/databaseupdate

Select “Delete database (will need reboot)” and click it.

Remove old maps via Hidden green menu
Remove old maps via Hidden green menu

Wait until system removes the data.

Remove old maps via Hidden green menu
Remove old maps via Hidden green menu

When it finished. Reboot your MMI using the 3 buttons


In Audi A8 it’s a bif different MMI reboot: big button, upper right silver and tone

Audi A8 reboot MMI buttons
Audi A8 – reboot MMI – Credits: Thomas S.

User Defined mode

Therefore, it is necessary to push a “User defined mode” installation mode,

– To activate this mode (it’s disabled by default), you must go to the green menu.

GREEN MENU: Press and hold MENU + TEL or MENU + CAR or TONES + CAR, depending on the model.
** Then go to the SWDL section:

Hidden green menu 
Enabling user defined mode in Hidden green menu

Map installation

Open “Engineering Menu” by pressing the CAR button and immediately after the BACK button. Hold booth buttons pressed for a few seconds.
The following screen will appear.

MMI 3G Engineering menu
MMI 3G Engineering menu

Insert the SD card with the map in slot SD 1
Press the “Update” option using the MMI Control Panel.

MMI 3G Console
MMI 3G Console

Scroll down with the big knob and select the source in the menu (SD 1 in our case).

MMI 3G maps update source selector
MMI 3G maps update source selector

Select the map by pressing the big knob once.

Select map to install

select “User Defined” (remember? we have enabled this).

Enabled user-defined mode
Enabled user-defined mode

Go to the menu AUDI_MMI3G_ECE ->in each sub folder set the check box so that in front of all sub-feet Y

  • for US and other will be similar AUDI_MM3G_NAR.
  • Australia & New Zealand AUDI_MMI3G_AN.
  • South Africa Audi_MMO3G_SA.
  • Rest Of World AUDI_MMI3G_ROW.
  • Middle East AUDI_MMI3G_ME2.
  • Europe AUDI_MMI3G_ECE
  • Singapore AUDI_MMI3G_SN

Please also make sure that:

  • Mapstyles,
  • Navipersistence,
  • TMCConfig

are also selected to update.

Enabled user-defined mode
MMI 3G Maps update
Select all options to be "Y"
Select all options to be “Y”

Manually select the entire item (without bootloader)
In the MMI section AUDI_MMI3G_XXX

XXX – depends on region, can be:

  • ECE for Europe,
  • ME2 for Middle East,
  • NAR for USA / Canada & Mexico
  • SA for South Africa
  • SM for Singapore
  • ROW for Rest of World
Select all options to be “Y”

Then please go back, and scroll to the bottom.

Press “Start update” and then “Start”.

MMI 3G start maps updates process
MMI 3G start maps updates process

After several minutes (1hour and 30 minutes) the map update will be done, just select the “Documentation Cancel/Abort Information” and the MMI will reboot.
Device Summary screen is displayed in the subsequent overview screen.

MMI 3G Updated maps
MMI 3G Updated maps

Scroll down and select “Continue“.

MMI 3G Updated maps
MMI 3G Updated maps

Because you don’t have connection to Audi SVM you have to “Cancel documentation” here. This is the reason for ECU ERROR 03276 Please Check Software Version Management in 5F Information Electr.

MMI 3G Updated maps
MMI 3G Updated maps

How to activate my maps?

Caution: Do NOT insert the SD until MMI has fully booted you can brick your unit!
Caution: Please double check that you’re using the correct license for your firmware, using incorrect activator will result in a bricked (dead) MMI unitFormat your SD in FAT32.

Europe activation
Activation files for MMI 3G Plus for USA & Canada

Copy the root of your license in to the clear SD card – it has to be formatted to FAT32!

If you bought maps update from us, the license is in file.

Make sure that MMI is fully booted – after final reboot!
(press all buttons once RADIOCARNAVMEDIATEL).
Wait until all options are ok (no options in grey) even when all options are ok wait a minute more.

Latest firmware and maps – must be already installed

Insert the SD card into the 1st MMI slot.

Wait for ~ 15 seconds, if everything is done according to the instructions, MMI will show you instructions what to do next. If it doesn’t work, eject the SD CARD and try in second slot.

After maps activation you need to fully reboot your mmi. (Please be aware that turning ignition off / on will not reboot MMI!)

For the feature maps updates, you don’t have to install maps activation – it’s going to be already in firmware memory – unless you will do firmware update – then you might need to install license again.

Audi RSE – Rear Seat Entertainment – how to update?

If you own an Audi car with RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) it also has to be updated, the whole procedure looks the same like for main MMI unit, there are just different buttons combination.

And you can follow rest of installation which looks the same as for front MMI unit. Just keep in mind there’s a different buttons combinations.

If you don’t have that big SDCARD, you can use any pendrive, but you will need cable MMI -> USB ( you can buy it here) I’m doing like that, and everything works properly!


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