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How to code new car battery in Audi? VCDS.

When you are changing your old battery for exactly the same you had before in most cases you don’t need to recode it however in most cars battery regulation module might be a bit confused about new battery, why?

When you replacing your battery to a new one, it might have different capacity of pawer, in most cars battery regulation module does not measure current battery level but only taking a measure of consumed power and how much power it deliver (charge) to battery.

In my opinion when you are changing battery, you always should recode it.

Also remember, when you are placing a replacement battery, make sure it’s charged in 100% before you’ll put in a car and start coding.

How to code new battery in Audi?

To do this, you’ll need VCDS, VAO code from new battery and serial number. VAO code you’ll have only when you’ll buy battery from audi garage – we have got list with common codes you can use in VCDS.

In cars with battery regulation module, you need to go to the:

[61 – Battery Regulation] in some cars it might be also in [09 – Cent. Elect.] or in Gateway – so if you don’t have Battery regulation try to find them in other modules.

[Coding – 07]

[battery Coding Assistant]

vcds coding new battery
VCDS – Battery regulation

here select second option – which will be your battery.

VCDS – battery regulation – Coding new battery
  • Enter the new Battery Part Number (10 or 11 digits).
  • Enter the new Battery Serial Number (10 digits).
  • Select the new Battery Vendor.


[Do it!]

[Close Controller, Go Back – 06]


How to get battery part number and serial number?

Some batteries got them on sticker

droppedImage 6
VAO – VCDS – Code new battery

at this case VAO it’s a Serial Number, and above VAO you got product number.

droppedImage 12
Car battery serial and part number.

but not every brand got those numbers available on their batteries.

There’s a list of typical batteries and their codes which you can try to code.

51Ah – 8K0915105J / 000915105BB / 000915105DC
60Ah – 4F0915105 / 8K0915105G / 000915105DD
61Ah – 8K0915105H / 000915105AD / 000915105DE
70Ah – 4F0915105A / 8K0915105C / 000915105DF
72Ah – 8K0915105B / 000915105AF / 000915105DG
80Ah – 4F0915105B / 8K0915105D / 000915105AG / 4FD915105 / 8KD915105 / 000915105DH
95Ah – 4F0915105C / 8K0915105E / 000915105AH / 000915105DK
110Ah – 4F0915105D / 8K0915105F / 000915105AK / 8KD915105A / 000915105DL
68Ah – (AGM) 7L0915105 / 000915105CC
75Ah – (AGM) 3D0915105H / 000915105CD
92Ah – (AGM) 4F0915105E / 000915105CE
105Ah – (AGM) 4L0915105 / 000915105CF
115Ah – 4H0915105 / 000915105DM

Part number / Serial number

You can share in comments where did you found battery regulation and which car.

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