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Google earth is greyed out after firmware update

It’s an common issue, please reinstall firmware and select in DEVICE LIST only GEMMI, it will fix this issue.

Make sure you have enabled User Defined mode in Hidden Green Menu, if not:

  • Go to Hidden Green Menu,
  • Go to SWDL tab
  • and tick User Defined
2019 03 01 13.40.59 copy

then exit green menu by pressing Media or other button on MMI console.

Go to Engineering Menu and perform update, then select User Defined Mode, and try to find on the list GEMMI, go inside and tick every option in the submenus – Please select just APPLICATION, do not select BOOTLOADER 

Screenshot 2019 08 29 at 09.56.50

and then perform update. After that your Google Earth / Audi connect will start working again.

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