Enabling Audi MMI hidden menu – VCDS method:

Go to block 5f  > Adaption > Jump to channel 6 and add new value 1 then click TEST and after SAVE.

Enabling Audi MMI hidden menu – SD CARD Script method

First of all you have to download script from here!

Copy the contents from the Green Menu Activation.zip to an empty SD card smaller than 32GB in size, formatted in FAT32 file system. In the root folder of the SD card you should see the following files and directories:

Insert in the MMI SD slot 1, shortly after that you will see the following picture.

Press the big rotary knob and the next screen will appear.

Now restart the unit and follow the rest of the guide.

How to restart MMI
Reboot MMI – keys combinations

How to open Hidden green menu?

Audi A8 – Green menu access – Credits: Thomas S.

In Audi A8 it’s a bif different MMI reboot: big button, upper right silver and tone

Audi A8 reboot MMI buttons
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