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Android TV on MMI 3G Plus units


To do this you need:

  • Android TV box or stick, we have used Xiaomi MI TV Stick, you don’t need any powerful expensive boxes which supports 4K.. MMI screen do not even support 720p so i my opinion this stick it’s the best for this mod.
Xiaomi MI TV Stick
  • AMI -> RCA cable
ami rca
  • HDMI -> AV converter
hdmi av
  • 3 x RCA male to male adapters
male to male
  • 12v to 5v adapter – if you plan using permanently, you’ll need 2 USB power, one for hdmi2av converter, another for android stick.

You will need to find out 12v after ignition and GND.. you can drag cables from front lighter socket, or find in fusebox – if you want to use in fusebox we recommend to use Circuit Blade Fuse Boxe Holder:

Screenshot 2020 08 29 at 10.49.28

Most important thing if you want use it while driving, you need to enable VIDEO in Motion, how to do this? click here.

Video presentation how it works

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