Wide range of Audi upgrades

What types of products you’ll find in our shop? We offer both the latest, original software and special modules that’ll boost the functionality of your car. You can choose from:

  • Audi firmware updates for MMI 2G, various types of MMI 3G, Mib1 and more,
  • Audi map updates for all regions – Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, and Middle East,
  • car audio adapters, wires, stereos and many more,
  • Audi CarPlay and Android Auto modules,
  • various Audi scripts, like Green menu activator,
  • OBD2 devices for Audi cars,
  • exhaust sound boosters,
  • alco testers,
  • exterior and interior lights for all Audi cars,
  • accessories that boost your car security, like GPS trackers.

In our shop you’ll also find helpful e-books and annual subscriptions for MMI and map updates.

Genuine firmware updates

In our shop you’ll find only original Audi firmware updates. Why should you buy them instead of downloading them for free from the Internet? They are safe for your car’s MMI – installation of our updates won’t end in a blockage of your infotainment system. Software from unofficial sources may cause damage to the MMI and undoing the effects of the illegal update may be quite complicated.

Buying Audi firmware in our shop is totally safe – you’ll always get a legal software and full support. Not sure which update is right for your car? Problems with installation? Just contact us!

Latest maps of your region

Besides firmware updates, one of our main products are Audi map updates. If you want to have the latest maps in your car’s navigation, you’re in the right place! As all of our products, also navigation updates from our offer are genuine and come straight from Audi.

In our shop you’ll find map updates for all of the regions and all types of MMI, like 2G, MMI 3G (Basic, High, Plus), MIB 1, and MIB 2. Besides maps updates we also offer bundle packs, which also contain a firmware update, necessary for a succesful navigation upgrade, and conversion packs from all other regions to Europe. Of course, if you’ve got any problems with installation of the newest maps or software you’ll get our full support!

Modules for your car audio

In our shop you’ll also find a wide range of modules, wires, stereos, and adapters for car audio in your Audi. We offer special modules that’ll let you use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto even in the older car models, and also aftermarket Android navigation multimedia systems. All of our modules are plug & play type, so you won’t need to do any extra coding to enjoy new functions of the infotainment system in your Audi!