Audi MMI 3G/3GP/3Ghigh Green menu activator

(53 customer reviews)

(on offer from 9.Apr.2023 until 30.Jun.2023)

Type in your Audi model, for example Audi A6

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Audi Hidden Green Menu script enabler.

This script will enable hidden green menu in audi. Click here to check how to install.

This is digital product – to download and prepare on your own SD CARD.

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How to check MMI version? Click here.


Works only with MMI 3G Basic / High / Plus – Audi A4/A5/A6/A7/A8/Q3/Q5/Q7 S and RS versions as well.

53 reviews for Audi MMI 3G/3GP/3Ghigh Green menu activator

  1. Steven L. (verified owner)

    We’ll worth it, and like they say, watch and read all of the tutorials and you won’t have any issues…….quality customer service

  2. A (verified owner)

    The script worked well. The on screen display as the script ran was difficult to read, a different screen resolution was probably assumed. But it worked and I now have access to the green menu. Thank you

  3. Erik Strand Brevik (verified owner)

    Works Perfect, highly recomended. I got my green menu back. And then i could activate the aux setting to on in the menu.

  4. Nicolas Grivas (verified owner)

    Easy to use and straightforward

  5. Nathan (verified owner)

    Works great but i dont know what all the settings Are

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    IT works

  7. Tomas (verified owner)

    Can’t be easier to install!

  8. Carl G. (verified owner)

    The 5 star rating is for the script being inexpensive, immediately available to download upon payment, and it worked…eventually. The instructions are somewhat lacking in detail and you have to chase around a bit to figure out the general procedure from the video and written comments/feedback/ questions answered. I’m literate in computers and storage tech and this took me a while and a fair amount of trial & error before I got the script to run. This site really needs either direct translation capability or to be edited for clarity and content. I’m available for consultation.

    • Adam // (store manager)

      we are open for any suggestions, please contact us on email: [email protected]

  9. Jeffrey F. (verified owner)

    This was really fun to figure out and after a few tries getting the SD card inserted correctly—it worked! I have a 2015 Allroad and the wanted to get Google Navigation working on the MMI again. Alas—even after cache cleared, same data message and no Google. It’s still nice to have access to the green menu for the other settings, so no regrets. But I wonder if it’s worth a follow up video to see if Audi has definitively nixed any downloads of Google without one their new Connect plans.

    • Adam // (store manager)

      unfortunately there’s no any solution to bring google earth back.. and probably without google decision we can do nothing.. 🙁 because it has been disabled on google server side.

  10. Rudy Pina (verified owner)

    it works no problems NICE !

  11. Mr T. (verified owner)

    Downloaded perfectly and worked first time. Very happy.

  12. Michelle Toepfer (verified owner)

    The video was very helpful and took me through each step.

  13. Juanito Clarisse (verified owner)

    Was very good product. Satisfied

  14. Graeme Montgomery (verified owner)

    Problems loading onto system, however very helpful in getting this resolved

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