Audi MMI Q7 firmware update

Looking for an update of Audi MMI in Q7 model? Check out our offer! In our store you’ll find genuine, latest software for the infotainment system. Our updates are compatible with Audi Q7 2007, 2008, and many more MMIs! Learn more about our products:

  • Australia & New Zealand

    Australia & New Zealand (24)

    Audi Q7 MMI firmware updates. Available for Australia & New Zealand only.
  • Middle East

    Middle East (24)

    Audi Q7 MMI firmware updates. Available for Middle East only.
  • Rest of World

    Rest of World (24)

    Audi Q7 MMI firmware updates. Available for Rest of World only.
  • Singapore

    Singapore (22)

    Audi Q7 MMI firmware updates. Available for Singapore only
  • South Africa

    South Africa (24)

    Audi Q7 MMI firmware updates. Available for South Africa only.
  • Europe

    Europe (54)

    Audi Q7 MMI firmware updates. Available for Europe All available MMI updates for Audi Q7 Europe area. Bundle packs which contain firmware update, map updates, green menu activation script and map license. Single firmware, here you find just the MMI software update, without map. Map - only map updates for Europe Q7 Other - other different products like CarPlay or…
  • USA

    USA (25)

    Audi Q7 MMI firmware updates. Available for USA / Mexico / Canada

Audi MMI in Q7 – best updates for your car

MMI in your Audi Q7 needs an update? You’re in the best place possible! We offer a wide range of MMI firmware updates for all regions – Europe, USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, South Africa, Singapore, and the rest of the World. What types of Audi MMI module firmware updates you can find in our store? First of all, the single updates for MMI 2G Basic, 2G High, 3G Basic, 3G Plus, 3G High, Mib2 – and more! But that’s not all – besides single firmware updates we also offer:

  • bundle packs that contain both the firmware and maps update,
  • map updates for your region,
  • conversion packs – helpful when you need to convert the firmware from one region to another,
  • CarPlay and Android Auto modules, USB / Bluetooth interfaces, Bluetooth / AUX interfaces, and more!

We offer only original firmware that you can safely install yourself – and in case of any difficulties you can contact us and get professional help with the update.

Audi Q7 2007, 2008 MMI update – and more!

It doesn’t matter whether you own an older first gen Audi Q7 from 2007 or 2008 – or a newer one, from the second generation of the model. In our store you’ll find all the updates you need – compatible with different Audi MMI navigation types, from 2G to Mib2. Thanks to them, your car will be up to date – equipped with the latest firmware, maps, and additional functionalities thanks to which your driving experience will be even more pleasurable.

Not sure what Audi MMI navigation update is right for your Audi Q7? Read the instructions below or just contact us!

Not sure what Audi MMI system you’ve got? Follow our instructions!

To buy the right Audi MMI update for Q7 you need to know which MMI type you’ve got. You can check it in the Engineering Menu of the navigation system. There you’ll find the information about the firmware version. Just type it in our Check Upgrade Tool – it will show you information about the MMI version and all available updates. You can also compare the firmware version number with the list below:

  • SW: XX-XX XX.X.X XXXX – 2G Audi MMI navigation,
  • BNav_XX_XXXXX – 3G Low/Basic system,
  • HNav_XX_XXXXX – 3G High module,
  • HN+_XX_XXXXX – 3G Plus navigation,
  • MHI2_XX_XXXX – Mib2 Audi MMI system.

Audi MMI module update installation in Q7

Know which Audi Q7 MMI update you need? Now all you have to do is to order it! When we receive your payment for the purchase we’ll send you the download link with the Audi MMI Q7 update. Now you have to:

  1. Download the firmware with a download manager.
  2. Unpack all of the files with 7zip and put them on a SD card (FAT32) – remember to put the firmware and map updates on separate cards!
  3. Open the Engineering Menu of the MMI, insert the SD card, and choose “Update”.
  4. Select the right source, and then choose the “Standard” option on the next screen. The update should begin and it’ll take around 30-60 minutes.