Audi A4 MMI firmware updates. Available for USA / Mexico / Canada

  • Bundle packs

    Bundle packs (2)

    Bundle packs for Audi A4 USA / Canada & Mexico. Firmware update with maps updates + hidden green menu.
  • Conversions

    Conversions (4)

    Audi A4 Conversions packs from USA / Canada to Europe Audi A4 conversion packs from USA / Canada & Mexico to Europe. Conversion packs with firmware, maps, hidden green menu.
  • Maps

    Maps (3)

    Audi A4 Maps updates for USA / Canada & Mexico. Latest available maps updates. Only OEM updates!
  • Other

    Other (9)

    Other available products for Audi A4
  • Single firmware

    Single firmware (11)

    Single firmware for Audi A4 USA / Canada & Mexico. Only firmware updates, without maps.