Audi A4 firmware update

Need the latest version of firmware for Audi A4? Check out our offer! In our shop you’ll find a wide range of updates for all MMIs, used in this Audi model. Not sure which firmware update you should choose? Contact us!

Firmware for Audi A4

If you’re looking for a firmware for Audi A4 you’re in the best place possible! We offer updates for all regions – Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Singapore, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the World!

Our Audi A4 firmware updates are compatible with all of the most popular MMIs, like 3G Basic, 3G Plus, and 3G High. We offer basic firmware updates and also:

  • map updates for all of the regions,
  • bundle packs which contain both the map and Audi A4 firmware updates,
  • conversion packs containing software that’ll let you convert MMI in A4 from one region to another,
  • other upgrades, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto modules.

We offer only genuine, legal firmware for Audi A4. By installing our products you avoid the risk of a blockage of your MMI – which may happen if you use software from some unofficial source. If you’re looking for the best products for Audi A4, order from us!

Firmware for Audi A4 – update installation

Before the purchase, check your Audi A4 MMI version. Simply go to the Engineering Menu of the MMI – usually you’ll need to click CAR and BACK buttons at the same time. There you can see the firmware version – based on that, you can check your MMI version and whether an update is available in our Check Upgrade tool.

After purchase you’ll get download link with Audi A4 firmware update. Download the files, unpack them, and put them on a SD card formatted to FAT32 file system. The next step is the firmware installation. Again, go to the Engineering Menu, put the SD card in the MMI’s card slot, and click “Update”. Choose the Audi A4 firmware installation source – the SD card – and choose “Standard” on the next screen. The installation will begin and it should take around 30-60 minutes.

Got any problems with the Audi A4 firmware update? Check our detailed instruction or contact us!