Car audio adapters

Car audio

Rear speakers & subwoofer adapter for Audi


When replacing the factory radio on AUDI cars, it may happen that after installing a new radio (e.g. Sony Pioneer or other) the rear speakers and Subwoofer do not work. Iso cubes alone are not enough. You need a special module, after which everything will work fine. We offer a brand new car module: AUDI [...]


Fibre Optic Bypass Loop Diagnostic Connector [4E0973802]   Brand: Audi Part Number: 4E0973802 / 4E0 973 802 Package Contains: 4E0973802 (1pcs)  Linked Vehicles:          Brazil EL Elekt.Verbind.-Elem. 1947 – 2017 GO Golf 2013 – 2017 GOB Golf 2016 – 2017 GOM Golf 2015 – 2017 GOV Golf Variant 2015 – 2017 TOUA Touareg 2011 – 2012 TOUA Touareg [...]


Want to connect amp & subwoofer with your MMI? You might need that converter from High input to RCA to be able connect after market amplifier.  Pre-cut easy connecting input line. Level adjustment control. Gold-plated RCA output connectors.

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