Audi maps updates

Looking for an Audi map update for your region? You’re in the right place! We offer the latest maps upgrades for Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, and Middle East. Check out our products and update the maps in your Audi’s MMI!

Audi maps update for your MMI

We offer a wide range of Audi map updates for all MMI types and car models. All of our products are genuine and come straight from Audi. You can install them yourself – you’ll get full instructions from us and the whole process shouldn’t take more than 1-2 hours.

What Audi navigation updates can you buy in our shop? We offer products for MMI 2G, MMI 3G (Basic, High, Plus), MIB 1, and MIB 2 with maps of Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, and Middle East. Our updates are compatible with most Audi models, like A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7, Q8, R8. Besides map updates, we also offer bundle packs which contain both firmware and navigation update. In our shop you'll also find conversions from all the other regions to EU.

Important! The Audi navigation update will work only if you have a valid license – check it before the purchase.

Audi navigation update – get latest firmware for your MMI

First of all – you can’t do an Audi map update without the latest MMI firmware installed! Check your firmware version – if it’s not the current one, choose one of our bundle packs containing both the firmware and the Audi maps update.

How can you check whether you have the current version of firmware? You need to go to the Engineering Menu of your car’s MMI. Depending on your Audi model you’ll need to push different buttons – usually, it’s a combination of CAR and SETUP buttons – you can check the full instructions here. In the Engineering Menu you’ll see the current version of the software – write it down and type it in our Check Upgrade Tool – it’ll show you whether an update is available, and also what type of MMI you’ve got.

If you need both the software and maps update, choose a bundle pack. If you have the latest MMI firmware, buy just the current version of Audi navigation for your region. Not sure which product is right for you? Contact our support – we’ll help you find the update for your Audi!

Installation of an Audi map update. Learn how to update Audi navigation maps in 6 simple steps!

How to update Audi navigation maps? It’s easier than it seems! You can do it yourself – you’ll just need the original map update files from our store, two SD cards, and some free time. As we’ve mentioned before, you’ll also need the latest firmware version. If you haven’t done it already, go to the Engineering Menu of your Audi’s MMI, check the firmware version and type it down in our Check Upgrade Tool. There you’ll learn whether a bundle pack is necessary – or the single Audi map update is sufficient.

If you want to update maps in your Audi, follow the instruction below:

  1. Buy an Audi map update – after purchase you’ll receive a download link
  2. Unpack the files with 7zip
  3. Format a SD card in FAT32 and copy the update files to it
  4. Insert the card in one of the SD cards slots in your MMI
  5. Wait 30-60 seconds – after that, Audi navigation update menu will appear – choose “Yes”
  6. Full maps installation instructions can be found here for MMI 3G High / Plus and here for MMI 3G Basic.

After the installation, you’ll need to activate the maps. To do that you have to put a map activator in a SD card (FAT32 formatting). Then make sure that your MMI is fully booted – press at once the RADIO, CAR, NAV, MEDIA, and TEL buttons. When all options are loaded (when all of them are not in grey) wait one minute and then insert the SD card. Wait 30 seconds – a screen with instructions will appear. Then you’ll have to reboot your MMI again – your updated Audi maps are ready to use!

Have any problems with Audi navigation update? We present solutions for the most common problems:

  • the MMI can’t find the update – probably you’ve put the installation files in a folder; they should be put directly in the main folder of the SD card – just copy the files and put them directly on the card;
  • you get the “The medium is currently unavailable” screen – you’ve probably used a SD card bigger than 32 GB – the MMI can’t read those. Just put the files on a smaller card, formatted in FAT32, and try to install the map update again;
  • the MMI shows “The navigation data is blocked” screen – you haven’t activated the maps. Read the instruction above carefully and activate them;

Still got problems, not sure how to update Audi navigation maps? Just contact us!

How do I update my Audi navigation system?

It’s quite easy process, but has to be careful! First of all you need to get the maps update correct to your MMI version. How to recognise MMI tutorial you can find on our tutorial about how to check what mmi do i have.

Once you know which system you have, and you have downloaded maps update, you need to unpack it, copy content on to SD card and go to the car – does it sound easy? of course 🙂

More detailed instructions you can always find on our utorial how to update maps in Audi MMI.

Are the Audi map updates purchased from us are legal?

Yes! They comes straight from Audi garage. We are not firmware / maps update manufacturer, we are only resellers.

We also do not modifying those updates, this what you are getting it’s an copy of OEM updates, untouched by us.

How to buy Audi maps update from

First of all you need to find out which MMI system do you have.

The easiest way is to check the firmware version that is loaded in the system. To do this, enter the car menu by pressing the CAR button, then press SETUP or MENU, then select the “Version” submenu and read the value from the line marked with the letters “SW“.

  • MMI 3G Low/Basic: BNav_XX_XXXXX
  • MMI 3G High: HNav_XX_XXXXX
  • MMI 3G+: HN+_XX_XXXXX or HN+R
  • MMI Mib2: MHI2_XX_XXXX

after that you can find the correct maps, or you can type in your firmware version in our checking tool which will show you most recent updates available for your mmi system, or just contact us and we will help you with choosing correct updates!

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