Because of coming Christmas time, we will be unable to provide some services.

  • Shipping SD CARDs – if you order SDCARDs with bundle pack, it will be sent out from approx 11/01/2021.
  • Shipping Bluetooth / AUX modules – same like SDCARDs they will be sent out from approx 11/01/2021

Apple CarPlay modules will be sent as usual, but keep in mind in this period of year, delivery time might take longer than usual.

Digital products – they will operate as usual, it’s an automated process so after clear payment you’ll receive download links.

Another big changes from new year, shipping to United Kingdom will take longer than before, because of “Brexit” regulation.

Shipping SD CARD’s from January 2021 shouldn’t be affected, but Apple CarPlay / Android Auto & Bluetooth / AUX modules delivery time might take 21-30 days.

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