Check upgrade

Here you can check if your MMI unit needs firmware or maps upgrade.

This tool will show you most recent update available, just make sure if you haven’t it already installed.

First of all you need to know what’s your current MMI firmware and maps version.
You can easily check it on your MMI, to help you, we have created tutorial (click here) on the field below please put Your FULL CURRENT MMI FIRMWARE VERSION displayed on your MMI screen:

Firmware version is in red border, please type exactly what it saying. Please do not use space key as underscore _ system will do not recognise your current mmi version. just type like it is on your MMI screen for example: HN+_EU_AU3G_K0942_3. We will also tell you what’s current available maps for your MMI.

Check update 

Your current version:

For older Audis: